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  • bigun780
  • 38 years old
  • Statesville, NC, USA
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  • outlawdiver
  • Im always up for a new adventure. Life is too short to sit around while the world paases you up. I try to ba as active as possible and try new things. Scuba, skydiving, rock climbing, and a few others are my latest adventures. Wanna come along or create a new one?
  • 45 years old
  • Rural Area, OH, USA
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  • amyindelware
  • fun is what I am looking for I am not going to jump out of a plane.. but I'd like to do something not so dangerous, like differnt places, and activities
  • 49 years old
  • Dover, DE, USA
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  • goldensunbird
  • Life's adventures are WAY better with someone FUN! I'm looking for a fellow adventurer...doesn't necessarily need to be you and me traveling the world EVERY day...but someone who's open to living his life as an "adventure" with someone ME!!!
  • 65 years old
  • Orange, CA, USA
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  • vampiregirl
  • I crave adventure I would say the last adventure was last october when my relatives from australia came to visit. We went to liverpool and blackpool on trains and weren't back until after midnight. I had another adventure in February 2014 where I went to Australia to visit my relatives who live in Canberra and I also visited Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well. I've done lots of travelli...
  • 32 years old
  • Cheshire, United Kingdom
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  • jemo04
  • Hi Friends I love adventure and hope to meet more friends who like it too in this great site Thank you
  • 47 years old
  • Nakuru, Kenya
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  • nootkaseawolves
  • suorutnevda It's time to start living the life you've imagined. I just want to find a woman who is fun & spontaneous to be with. I've found plenty of friends with benefits along the way but haven't found what I'm looking for. So where things go in 3 months or 3 years, who knows? Rightnow its all about the fun. So feel free to reach out first. Don't worry I won't think your being aggressive,...
  • 41 years old
  • Vancouver, Canada
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  • lara0505
  • I am in Arctic now I am in Arctic close to Alaska and can wave to American politician Sarah Palin
  • 55 years old
  • Moscow, Russian Federation
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  • wuwongpai
  • 75 years old
  • Johore Bahru, Malaysia
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  • ewoek2
  • 24 years old
  • Abbot, IL, USA
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